Benedict XVI and Islam
By: Hal Mayer

What was the motive behind his recent remarks?

Benedict XVI made some unusual remarks late last summer that were like a grenade thrown at Islam. He
quoted Emperor Manuel II Paleologus, who once attacked Islam by saying, "Show me just what
Mohammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his
command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."
World September 16, 2006.
These words created a firestorm of violent protest from Muslims around the world. Some burned the pope
in effigy; others called for the assassination of Pope Benedict. A nun in Africa was killed, churches were
burned, and other violent acts were committed.
What could be the purpose behind making such a statement?  The Vatican intelligence is, perhaps, the
best in the world. The church would have known how Islamists would react. Every papal speech is no
doubt reviewed by the highest levels of the curia. Certainly the prepared speech in which he cited
Emperor Manuel was not off-the-cuff. Benedict is a brilliant man, a savvy politician, and a careful thinker.
Why, then,  would he say what he said to a mostly Catholic German audience?
Most western commentators remarked at length on the superficial issues, but they missed the deeper
significance and the real intent of what Benedict did at Regensburg University.
John Paul II and Benedict XVI have continually appealed to Europe to come back to its Christian roots.
And Europeans are listening. Over the last quarter of a century, there has been a dramatic shift in their
thinking about the Catholic Church.
Germany's Minister of State for Cultural Affairs, Bernd Neumann, recently made a shocking statement.
The "Europe-wide German Reich of the Middle Ages can...[serve] as a valid model of the functioning
order of a superstate."
German Foreign Policy August 29. In essence, this German politician is talking
about reviving the Holy Roman Empire!
The timing is amazing! Germany leads Europe politically and is becoming a serious peace broker in
political affairs. In addition, German companies now control, or soon will, most of the strategic industry,
commodities, and services of the European Union. When Germany finally returns to Rome, all of Europe
will be under her economic control, and the Vatican will need to control only Germany to become master
of Europe.
But for Rome to again recover its power, there must be a revival of the Holy Roman Empire, based in
Europe and led by Germany. History repeats itself, doesn't it? As we near the end, watch Europe
carefully. Although the Bible says these nations "shall not cleave together," the scripture also says "These
have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast." Revelation 17:13. Ultimately there
will be one last attempt to bring them all under one head for the purpose of redirecting their loyalties to the
Catholic church.
Benedict knows that Islam is the best catalyst to unite Europe around a common enemy.  His comments
were a rallying call for Europeans to join the Pope in dealing with Islam, and those comments have
intentionally propelled him into the very heart if the controversy between Islam and Christianity. Stay